Here is a closer look at what to expect from each level we offer in our solutions packages. Regardless of the goals of your company, we have a solution level that is right for you. To best determine the solution to meet your goals and budget, contact your Account Manager.

Data License

  • Take advantage of the World’s largest data source for new used and refurbished IT equipment
  • Use BrokerBin’s data to run custom inventory, pricing & forecasting reports
  • Custom data reports help drive your internal and external business decision process
  • One time reports or information can be updated daily, weekly, monthly
  • Power your e-commerce store, online advertising campaigns and other online marketplaces
  • Use Raw data to create usable information for your marketing, sales and procurement needs
  • Increase margins by knowing where the sweet spot for pricing is on your products
  • Be more competitive within the market with custom market intelligence
  • Get a more comprehensive and in depth report of which companies are looking for your inventory on BrokerBin

BrokerBin Pro

  • The next level of market intelligence for your team.
  • Pricing, lifecycle milestones and product information with the click of your mouse
  • Unique team interface that allows an entire team to share information with one another; Get your team all on the same page!
  • Training tool for new sales and purchasing team members
    • Data Mining
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Analytics

  • Global Marketplace Visibility – data aggregation from over 20 different market sources
  • Dashboard interface with global wholesale and retail pricing
  • Assess market value
  • 90 day view of Supply and Demand
  • Expand products you support and your service offerings
  • Track OEM maintenance costs by SLA and position your own alternative maintenance solution
  • Available reverse serial # lookup reports

Manufacturer Specific Ads

  • Build brand recognition
  • Stand out among competition with your manufacturer of choice
  • Custom link back to your landing page

Banner Ads

  • Increased visibility
  • Clickable link back to your website
  • 130,000 searches or impressions per day x 20 (per mo)

BrokerBin Roadshow

  • The industry's most powerful networking event
  • Schedule 1 on 1 meetings
  • Strengthen existing relationships and make new ones
  • Brand your company as a sponsor to serious traders

Online Catalog

  • Allow your customers to search BrokerBin’s vast inventory right from your website
  • Make sure customers on your website don’t find “No Results found”
  • Inventory included is fine-tuned to include the items you sell
  • White-labeled and color matched to your website
  • Receive direct RFQ’s from your customers
  • Sitemap created and submitted to search engines to help promote your online catalog
  • Custom catalog that targets your specific set of parts
  • Give your website an opportunity to grow organically

Demo Online Catalog